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Who am I and what do I do?


My name is Clare Jackson,

I am an artist, writer and designer.

My passion is to connect people to place- to their home- by encouraging them to 'go out every day into nature and feed their soul'.

I have always known that being out in nature is good for the soul as

this first photo is of me, aged about 4, immersed in searching for caterpillars in the cabbage patch. 

The second photo is me watching the sunset, where I live in Kent, where they never cease to thrill me.

I work from a hand built straw bale studio that is a base for creating, exhibiting and teaching.

Photo of me in a cabbage patch, aged 4, looking for caterpillars.
Me, aged much older with my back towards the camera looking out over the sea at Tankerton towards the beautiful sunset.

The Home



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