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This is a Dwellbeing Box, a visual reminder for you to look after yourself. The box provides a space to fill with objects that you know will be a comfort to yourself. I also separately provide a 'bundle of delights' that you could buy and place in here for future self care. But I suggest you buy this box and spend some time in working out what exactly makes you feel cared for and nourished, then add these items, the task can be a delightful never ending one of self care. Fluffy socks, a bar of chocolate, a scented candle, timeworn river pebbles, a beautiful leaf or feather- you get the idea. Enjoy!

The box measures 25cm wide, 20cm deep and 10cm high. 

Dwellbeing Box

  • The box is lightweight and made of wood. The lid has 2 hinges at the rear and a front fastening. The artwork on the box is original. I initially create a line using a pyrograph (soldering iron) tool. Then I use paints to colour in the image. The words are hand stamped onto the box. I love making commisions too, just ask me!

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