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'A Marker in the Dark'

My most recent project is called 'A Marker in the Dark'. This entry was for 'A Different LENS', a project that uses a virtual map to hold together many varied and exciting psycho-geographical audio walks in East Kent.


As the originator of the project, Elspeth Penfold describes here, ' was originally conceived to consider how authors and artists overcome challenges in their lives in particular through blindness and sight loss.'   


I chatted with Victoria-Claire, a sculptress, singer/songwriter and visual impairment advocate who lives locally on the Isle of Sheppey as we walked out to a marker in the Swale estuary in the dark on a low-tide at the time of the harvest moon.


The audio you hear can be accessed either remotely via the map, see link below or actually on location via the website.

Photo 1 - reduced.png
Photo 2 - reduced.png
Photo 3 - reduced.png

This project is based upon my research that  connects people to place through creative walking projects.

I am currently writing and printing a series of chapbooks that explore this interest. 

I have been writing a weekly blog for the last few years along this theme of connecting people to place through walking. 

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