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Dwellbeing- this is my word for what I offer people.
Dwell- to live in or at a specified place
Wellbeing- the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy
It has taken me nearly 30 years to realise that all I do is connected; whether this is making art, writing, designing places to be in, walking with others or running workshops.
My Dwellbeing offer was created in the CV19 lockdown. I had the realisation that my various passions were all connected by observation, imagination and a deep understanding of how people react to place.
I have a free Facebook page 'Clare's Dwellbeing Group'.
Do head over and join if it seems like something you'd like. The group is for people who are interested in learning how to dwell well, albeit at home, in the garden or out in nature. I have created a kind, supportive community which looks at how people can feel more connected to the place that they are in, right here, right now.
In 2021 I started a monthly subscription called a Dwellbeing Prescription that gives daily prompts to creatively connect with the place in which you dwell. There are weekly 'lives' via Facebook and weekly creative activities for you to join in. Each week has a theme to follow.
In January 2023, after a series of successful Dwellbeing Walks in 2022 in the local area, I offered a full day Dwellbeing Retreat at an organic Spa in Wingham. (see news page).
I now run a series of mini-day retreats that are half the time for half the price of a full day escape.
These all incorporate a mindful walk, hot lunch at a nearby venue and nature journaling in the afternoon. The cost is £80pp and they run from 11-2.30pm.
Please have a look at the 'Dwellbeing Retreat' page for more info on the next ones planned.
Please contact me for more information via text or email, found at the bottom of this page.
It would be great to have you join me on one soon. 


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