Dwell-being Walks
A Dwellbeing Walk, like the Dwellbeing Prescription is a simple reminder and invitation to connect back with your self, in the company of likeminded individuals. Every week I walk in beautiful places here in Kent and I welcome anyone wanting to join us. The walks are fairly short; about an hour in length and always circular, discovering wonderful views, history, and nature. Each walk will have a creative activity that I will encourage you to participate in but I am really happy for you to just enjoy the walk itself, if that is what you would prefer. 







'Yesterday I went on a walk with Clare's Dwellbeing Group. A blustery Monday in a surprisingly unmuddy Holly Hill wood top, was a lovely calm and open start to the week. Clare’s guided walks are regular events: if you follow her page you’ll find out when they are happening.

Meanwhile, here’s some photos from Holly Hill, including our offering of a rather lovely grotto for the fairies, complete with a section of a sweet chestnut filled with coffee and a tiny crumb of cake to share. We could hear the fairies getting raucous as we left the quiet spot.'

Words and photo of Fairy grotto by Annie Taylor Jan. '22.

January 2022

  • Monday, the 31st of January. 11.00- Woodland walk- Holly Hill

February 2022

  • Friday, the 11th of February. 11.00- Village walk- Harbledown

  • Saturday, the 12th of February. 11.00- Location to be confirmed. Vote for woodland/seaside/city or village!

  • Monday, the 14th of February. 2pm- Seaside/coastal walk- Seasalter

  • Friday, the 25th of February. 11.00- City walk- Canterbury

  • Monday, the 28th of February. 11.00- Woodland walk- Holly Hill

March 2022

  • Friday, the 11th of March. 11.00- Village walk- Harbledown

  • Monday, the 14th of March. 11.00- Seaside/coastal walk- Seasalter

  • Friday, the 25th of March. 11.00- City walk- Canterbury

  • Monday, the 28th of March. 11.00- Countryside walk- Newnham.

April 2022

  • Friday, the 8th of April. 11.00- Woodland walk- Holly Hill

  • Monday, the 11th of April. 11.00- Village walk- Harbledown

  • Friday, the 22nd of April. 11,00- Seaside/coastal walk- Seasalter

  • Monday, the 25th of April. 11.00- City walk- Canterbury

May 2022

  • Friday, the 6th of May. 11.00- Countryside walk- Newnham

  • Monday, the 9th of May. 11.00- Woodland walk- Holly Hill

June 2022

  • Friday, the 10th of June. 11.00- Ancient Village walk- Harbledown

  • Saturday, the 18th of June. 11.00- Coastal walk- Seasalter

All walks are in Kent, starting off fairly local to me here in Whitstable- I plan to introduce more walks as the year goes on and the seasons change. 

I have created these walks as I love to see people engaged and enthusiastic about the place where they live. I believe that when we observe, understand and explore our surroundings well it gives us a great sense of connection, possession and ultimately protection for the local environment.

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up straight away by contacting me on the telephone number below or at clare@people-to-place.co.uk. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the walks. I also have the walks listed in my events section on the free Facebook Page that I run. 

How do I pay?

You can pay via BACS or PayPal, at least one week in advance of the walk taking place as spaces are limited.

Please contact me directly for details. 

How much are the Dwell-being walks?

They are £10 pp.

You are welcome to head over to my Free Facebook page- Clare's Dwellbeing Group and join up to have a taste of what I offer.

What is your background?

My background is as an artist who loves to look at things with curiosity and gratitude. I would love the world to be appreciated by all, seen less as a set of resources to take but as the beautiful, harmonious enchanting wonder that it is.

I have spent over 25 years working as a spatial designer, designing interiors for commercial and domestic customers. During this time I have worked out what it is that helps us create more connection and gain increased enjoyment from the places in which we live, work and play.


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